Killer Thriller TV: Post-Apocalyptic Viruses, Crime Scene Cleaning And Art With Brett Battles

brett battlesIn today’s episode of Killer Thriller TV, thriller author JF Penn interviews Brett Battles, the bestselling and award winning author of 18 thriller novels.

In this interview we talk about his latest books, The Enraged, POE and the next in the Project Eden virus series.

You can watch the video below or here on YouTube:

In the interview:

  • Brett talks about how he got started in writing and how he worked in television graphics.
  • His latest book is ‘The Enraged’ in the Jonathan Quinn series and Brett talks about the character of Quinn and how his story has progressed across the series, as well as how much of his own character is in the books.
  • In Brett’s Project Eden apocalyptic thrillers, a deadly virus is unleashed and a conspiracy threatens the world. He talks about how he has been reading about viruses for many years and how that story theme keeps coming up.
  • Brett talks about POE, written from the perspective of a female kick-ass protagonist.
  • An insight into Brett’s writing life and habits as well as writing in his kitchen and his love of brett battles booksartwork

You can find Brett at and his books at Amazon and all online bookstores.

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