Killer Thriller TV: Zoe Sharp Talks About Charlie Fox And The Blood Whisperer

In today’s episode of Killer Thriller TV, thriller author JF Penn interviews Zoe Sharp, author of the bestselling and award nominated thriller series featuring Charlie Fox, ex Special Forces turned bodyguard, compared by many to Lee Child’s Jack Reacher.

You can watch the video here on YouTube or below. You can also watch the rest of the KillerThriller TV episodes here.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • How Zoe got started in writing after she received death threats for her photo-journalism. It also gave her a keen interest in learning self-defense which has become a key aspect of the Charlie Fox books, and she continues to learn new physical skills.
  • How much of Zoe Sharp is in Charlie Fox? The motorbike, the travel, the self-defence … Zoe explains some of the similarities and differences
  • On violence in crime/thrillers with a female protagonist, and how the cumulative effort of violence affects Charlie’s life
  • Writing in first person and the dark humor that comes through in Charlie’s voice
  • The Blood Whisperer is a new stand-alone crime thriller, with a new character, Kelly Jacks, ex-CSI based in London now working as a crime-scene cleaner after a conviction for a murder she has no memory of.
  • Die Easy, the 10th Charlie Fox is set in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and is Zoe’s homage to Die Hard. As long as Charlie keeps talking, Zoe will continue to tell her story.
  • The themes that keep coming back for Zoe are the search for respect and Charlie’s search for redemption
  • Zoe does a lot of writing in pencil on scraps of paper. She does plot the structure but then writes the characters and reactions as they happen in a discovery method.

You can find Zoe’s books on Amazon and other online bookstores, as well as on her website and on twitter @authorzoesharp

You can also meet Zoe in person at BoucherCon and Iceland Noir.

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