Killer Thriller TV: From Silicon Valley To Jerusalem With Keith Raffel

Keith RaffelKiller-Thrillers continues the series of video interviews with top Thriller authors.

In today’s interview, thriller author J.F.Penn interviews bestselling author Keith Raffel.

You can watch the video below or here on YouTube.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • Keith grew up in Palo Alto California, he spent two years at Oxford University in England and has worked as a carpenter, teaching writing, he ran for the House of Representatives, worked in the intelligence community and in high tech, started an internet company and also worked sequencing DNA. He’s been a full time author for 5 weeks after a fantastic, chequered career and all this history pops up in his books in many ways.
  • Keith talks about the intelligence community in his book ‘Drop By Drop’ quoting ‘only the paranoid survive’ and in Washington DC, there is always someone out to get you. 
In ‘Dot Dead’, Keith used Silicon Valley as a setting when a young startup tech businessman finds an unknown woman murdered in his flat …
  • A Fine and Dangerous Season is a historical thriller based on a little known fact that JFK was at Stamford in 1940 for a term. What if he met someone there … and what if he needed that person again during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Keith talks about his research process around this book. The book is also on special at 99c on Amazon 15-17 August 2013.
  • We talk about Jerusalem, which is one of my favorite cities as well. Keith talks about his research trip and inspiration for ‘Temple Mount’ which is around the Ark of the Covenant and will be out in Fall 2013.
  • Keith talks about the theme that runs through his books – similar to Hitchcock’s movies – a normal person is thrust into a situation and the question is whether that ordinary person can rise up and meet the challenge
  • Keith’s writing process. He has to get out of his house and go to a local cafe to write, drinking green tea with noise-cancelling headphones on. For thriller reading pleasure, he recommends Ross Thomas as well as John Le Carre.
  • We talk about travel and Keith’s recent trip to Normandy, which may well inspire another book …

You can find Keith’s books on Amazon or on his site
His book ‘A Fine and Dangerous Season’ is on special at Amazon for 99c 15-17 August.

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