The Trap: (An Agent Dallas Thriller) by L. J. Sellers

While skydiving with an adventure group, FBI Agent Jamie Dallas overhears plans to carry out criminal acts against a politician. Believing the group may have already committed murder, the bureau sends Dallas to infiltrate the activists. But to worm her way inside the tight-knit clan, Dallas makes dangerous compromises and starts to sympathize with their cause. She ends up so deep undercover she can’t make contact with the bureau.

Across town, a Washington DC detective investigates a death that looks like a simple “hooker homicide.” But as Detective Larson peels away the layers, she uncovers something far more sinister, something deeply connected to a high-profile judge’s death.

Meanwhile, working against her own conscience, Agent Dallas struggles to gather evidence and push the activist group toward the major takedown the FBI has orchestrated. But inside the group’s safe house, another imposter lurks, and when the real motive surfaces, Dallas is caught in a cunning trap that will make her both a victim and a killer.

Can the law enforcement players come together in time to help Dallas, or is she on her own—to live or die—depending only on her wits and timing?

“Sellers scores again with another fast-paced, thought-provoking thriller!”—Jodie Renner


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