Killer Thriller TV: Jeremy Robinson On Writing Monsters, Action And Horror

Jeremy RobinsonKiller-Thrillers is excited to continue the new series of video interviews with top Thriller authors.

In today’s interview, thriller author J.F.Penn interviews bestselling author of over 30 books, Jeremy Robinson, who also writes as Jeremy Bishop.

You can watch the video below or here on YouTube.

We discuss:

  • How Jeremy started out at art school and went into comic book illustration, and then into comic book writing, then screen-writing. After being inspired by a James Rollins novel, he moved into writing novels.
  • Monsters are a recurring theme in Jeremy’s books, including his recent book Island 731. He talks about his TV and film influences and why monsters have been part of his inspiration. ‘Island 731’ is about a crew stranded on an island that had been used for human experimentation during WWII.
  • Jeremy writes horror under Jeremy Bishop, the first book was ‘Torment’ which is a very dark book based on a nightmare he had. The Raven is the next book in the Jane Harper series, coming soon, where Jane has to deal with parasitical zombies that can zombify anything mammal, whilst out on the high seas. Ridiculous fun!
  • We talk about ‘I am Cowboy’, which is not a Western! Cowboy is the main character who first appeared in SecondWorld (about Nazis returning to take over the world). Cowboy is a conspiracy theorist obsessed with cowboy movies. He’s from the Czech Republic and he has a line ‘I am cowboy, I am gunslinger’.
  • How much of Jeremy is in his characters? It depends on the characters – some of them are very similar. In the YA series, the Last Hunter, Solomon is based on 50% Jeremy and 50% on his son. But many of the characters are nothing like Jeremy -  the books are not autobiographical!
  • Is Jeremy as exciting as the protagonists of his kick-ass, fast-paced books?
  • Jeremy talks about his writing space and you can see some of his Japanese movie monsters behind him in the video. He has a big office which is packed with pop culture objects, posters etc. It inspires him, and he does a lot of video as well as writing. He also paints and his kids play in the room.
  • Jeremy makes video trailers for all his books as well as ‘viral video’ campaigns, which are usually ridiculous. You can check out Jeremy’s YouTube channel here. There’s also a video coming on August 13th to promote The Raven which includes a puppeteer!

Jeremy Robinson BooksJeremy has a lot of books coming soon!

I am Cowboy – out now!
The Sentinel – out now!
Chess Team: Prime – out now!
The Raven comes out Aug 13
Chess Team: Omega out in Sept
and from November, Jeremy Bishop is bringing out a series of novellas called Refuge.

You can find everything at his sites: and

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