Dot Dead: A Silicon Valley Mystery by Keith Raffel

When Ian Michaels, a Silicon Valley hotshot, discovers a young, beautiful woman stabbed to death in his house, it takes him a moment to realize that the still-warm corpse is his maid.

Far from the gray-haired, cookie-baking grandmother he imagined her to be, Gwendolyn was a stranger to Ian, but her family, old boyfriend, and the Palo Alto police seem to think they were a couple. And despite his best efforts to prove otherwise, the evidence against Ian is growing.

It looks like someone is framing Ian for murder, but who? An executive at a tech firm, Ian is anxious to prove his innocence to his boss and mentor Paul Berk, a Silicon Valley legend. As the investigation heats up so does Ian’s interest in Gwendolyn’s sister, but can she be trusted?

“The breakneck pace, intriguing characters and snappy dialogue of the Silicon Valley world that Keith Raffel knows so well hooked me. If you can, get a take-out order of Mandarin Gourmet’s broccoli beef and cashew chicken and prepare to stay up all night reading Dot Dead.” –Cara Black, bestselling author of the Aimée Leduc series

“Dot Dead is a fast paced, truly witty mystery set in the maze and madness of Silicon Valley. Ian Michaels is a determined and often befuddled hero who must navigate around a delightfully opinionated Jewish mother and solve a murder while finding love. This is a fun read.” –Stuart Kaminsky, Mystery Writers of America Grand Master

“Dot Dead is a fast-paced, twisty ride. I never knew Silicon Valley was such a scary place.” –Peter Abrahams, Edgar Award-winning author of End of Story, Down the Rabbit Hole, and Oblivion

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