The Sins of the Father by Mark Terry

If you are reading this I am dead.

So begins a letter to Derek Stillwater that will send him to Moscow, Russia to look into the death of Irina Khournikova, a former lover. But Irina’s friends and colleagues in the FSB -the Russian Intelligence Service – don’t want him meddling in an active investigation and go to extreme lengths to get that point across to him. But before Derek can really begin, he finds himself in the middle of a terrorist attack on the U.S. Embassy.

As a favor to the Secretary of State, Derek is tasked with investigating the apparent suicide of a weapons inspector. But that is all secondary to the real reason he traveled all the way to Russia – to meet the son he never knew he had. But when a Russian terrorist group calling itself The Red Hands wants to persuade Derek to end his investigation, they kidnap his son.

Now, teamed up with FSB Agent Konstantin Nikitinov, the two men will stop at nothing – absolutely nothing – to get the child back safely. With The Red Hand attempting to overthrow the government of Russia, Derek and Konstantin will start a reign of terror on the terrorists that has the potential to send the region up in flames.

“Mark Terry writes like Lee Child on steroids.” -The Lansing State Journal

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