Sibs by F. Paul Wilson

Long out of print, F. Paul Wilson’s most daring, most erotic, most deeply terrifying novel!

After vowing never to return, Kara Wade is back in New York City. She’s come to claim the body of her twin sister Kelly, and to find out how she died. No secret as to the cause of death – a nearly nude, twelve-story plunge from a room in the Plaza Hotel – but Kara is determined to learn what led to that plunge.

And why Kelly was dressed like a whore when she died.

Enlisting the help of an old lover, now and NYPD detective, Kara delves into her sister’s private life. Startling and bizarre facts begin to surface. Instead of answers, Kara finds more questions. Who was the stranger Kelly became during the months prior to her death? What was behind the perverse, decadent lifestyle she came to embrace so passionately?

Kelly’s psychiatrist hints at a terrible secret in her past. But Kara shares that past with her twin. Is the sinister influence that drove Kelly into her bizarre double life about to overtake Kara as well?

“Wilson can’t resist turning the narrative screws another notch.” (Booklist)

“Wilson delivers the shockers held in reserve.” (Publishers Weekly)

SIBS…sent my mind into a very creepy place. I actually got chills – and no book has done that in years.” (Cemetery Dace)

“SIBS is [Wilson's] most compelling work yet, and right from page one you are sucked into a plot that will pull you around countless twists and turns until its shattering climax. (Gauntlet)

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