Black Wind by F. Paul Wilson

“Black Wind is a stunner. Ambitious, unusual, compelling.” —Dean Koontz

F. Paul Wilson’s powerful World War II novel is an unforgettable saga of passion and terror, the ravages of war, the pain of betrayal, and the glory of love.

At the heart of the story are four people torn between love and honor: Matsuo Okumo, born in Japan, raised in America, and hated in both lands; Hiroki Okumo, his brother, a modern samurai sworn to serve a secret cult and the almighty Emperor; Meiko Satsuma, the woman they both love; and Frank Slater, the American who turned away when Matsuo needed him, and who now struggles to repay his debt of honor.

“Of great and captivating sweep.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The reader comes to care intensely about the fates of the characters…a sharp and intelligent entertainment, a genuine page-turner many notches above standard fare.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“A high-powered page turner, with writing as honed as a samurai sword.” —Adam Hall, author of The Quiller Memorandum

“A superb feast of storytelling. Intricately plotted, compellingly told; suspenseful, moving, and at times intensely horrifying–F. Paul Wilson’s most ambitious novel so far, and surely his best.” —Ramsey Campbell

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