Wheels Within Wheels by F. Paul Wilson

A novel of the LaNague Federation – Book 2.

Winner of the first Prometheus Award!

A monstrous conspiracy is brewing against the LaNague Federation and the freedoms its guarantees to its member planets—at least that’s what Old Pete says. He’s come to the offices of Interstellar Business Advisors, a firm he co-founded more than half a century before, to enlist the aid of its current CEO, Josephine Finch. Dubious at first, Jo humors the old man by promising to look into the matter.

She does not have to look far before she is convinced that something is afoot, something that will not bear the light of day, something involving a revolutionary means of interstellar travel. And when one of the trails leads to the planet Jebinose, site of her father’s bizarre death, Jo finds herself personally involved.

She is soon pitted against one of the shrewdest, most devious minds in Federation politics, and against a wild-card psi who might well destroy them both. But what Josephine Finch begins, she finishes.

Wheels Within Wheels follows her on a course that involves five planets and three alien races. Before she is through she will bring the galaxy’s largest corporation to its knees, avenge her father’s death, abort a cynical political plot, and start an interstellar war.

Don’t mess with Josephine Finch.

(Bonus LaNague short stories: “The Man with the Anteater” and “Higher Centers” – plus a foreword by the author)

“You’re whirled off into an interstellar conspiracy plotted by a Watergatish bunch of baddies, with industrial espionage, psi-murder, and extortion as sidelights. Finally the wheels all mesh. If you’ve caught the cleverly planted clues, you close the book with all the satisfaction of a good Agatha Christie. Viva l

“A fast-paced, well-written story that holds reader interest from the first chapter. Since WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS is blurbed as ‘A Novel of the LaNague Federation,’ I imagine Wilson is going to make a regular series out of this. If he can keep up the quality he reached in the first two novels, it will be quite an impressive series.” Future Retrospective

“Mr. Wilson is that rare find among modern SF novelists, a writer in the classic style of Asimov, Tubb, Heinlein, Pohl and Kornbluth – especially the last two, whose ‘Space Merchants’ this book most closely resembles. Easy to follow, hard to put down.” Manchester Evening News (UK)

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