Sex Slaves of the Dragon Tong by F. Paul Wilson

Yellow Peril… how can a phrase that reeks so of racism and paranoia yield a body of fiction so… cool?

The term originated in the late nineteenth century. Chinese immigrants were flooding our western shore and spreading throughout the country at a time when their homeland was growing more and more militaristic. Could this mass immigration be a silent first wave of an eventual invasion?

Chinese villains became regulars in the penny dreadfuls. In 1913 Sax Rohmer created the paradigm for all oriental evil from then on: Fu-Manchu… (from the Foreword)

“‘Sex Slaves of the Dragon Tong’ is a fully realized throwback to the heyday of the ‘yellow-peril’ tale. But what else can you expect from the creator of Repairman Jack, a Shadow-like figure himself, and the best example of the pulp mentality operating in the modern day? (Green Man Reviews)

SEX SLAVES OF THE DRAGON TONG – a Yellow Peril triptych – contains the title story, plus “Part of the Game,” and the all-new “Dragon Tongue” – a trio of interconnected tales set in 1938 in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Pulp fiction at its very best.

“‘Sex Slaves of the Dragon Tong’ and ‘Part of the Game’… Taken together, they form a larger and more satisfying work than many writers deliver in a whole novel… as well as a great example of Wilson’s talent with character and setting.” (SFRevu)

“I’m absolutely in love with ‘Sex Slaves of the Dragon Tong’… thank God for F. Paul Wilson. Another masterstroke,” (Bookgasm)

“‘Sex Slaves of the Dragon Tong’… captures the real essence of the pulps.” (Publisher’s Weekly)

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